Wavelength’s 200th Issue! And Micah scores the cover!


And here’s another Micah pic flying the Constantinesurf flag:


Micah showing taste with nice sticker placement(!?).

The weirdest things…

The weirdest things happen down here in Constantine Bay, for example… not too long ago bright lights were spotted in the night sky floating above Constantine Bay…. Seagulls being needlessly killed infront of small children outside the shop…. and most recent the uncanny likeness of Constantine Bays favorite surf monkey Micah Lester to that of the flamboyant Freddy Mercury!

Micah ever the photo slut...

Micah ever the photo slut...


No one new freddy was actually a die hard surfer!

No one knew Freddy was actually a die hard surfer!

So there it is. Damn strange things. And I’ll bet more keep happening as the season rolls on. Bring on the summer weirdness.

Crew @ Constantine Bay Surf Stores