‘The Kook’

Dan Crockett has been finger-tapping that key board and cutting and pasting and shuffling and has pieced together this surfing newspaper thing;

KooK is a surfing newspaper, published independently and printed in the UK on paper from sustainable forests.

KooK features Cyrus Sutton on handplanes, hulls with Ryan Lovelace, notes on flow by Mark Dickinson, John Isaac by Michael Fordham, Shayne House on tea… KooK includes illustration by Seamouse, Ryan Thomas, Simon Perini, Tom Haskett and many others… Photography by Friend of Mine, Ryan Tatar, Mike Black, Kassia Meador and more…

So, shuffle on over to thisrichtapestry.blogspot.com (or just hit the ‘Wilderings’ link on the right) to get more info and explore some pretty nice pics and surfy stuff.