Constantine Bay Surf School Score

After having spent the winter on the Gold Coast Constantine Bay Surf School instructors Cheyne “sunshine” Moore and Sarah “Hendo” Henderson hit Indo with force. Here is some of the footage that “sunshine” Moore managed to film on a larger day.

Now back in the good old U.K. Cheyne and Hendo are giving us a glimpse of what paradise they experinced. Cheers for the footage, just one thing… next time could you possibly sit on the tower thats just a bit closer and not in the way?

Mung Beans and Peanuts

Dom @ Constantine Bay Surf Stores

Cheyne and Sarah are Coming!

As many may know the Constantine Bay Surf School has been on tour for the last 6 months hitting the Gold Coast and Indo. And now as we speak 24 hours away Cheyne and Sarah are on a plane heading home.

We wish them a safe journey back, and I personally can’t wait to touch Cheyne. Go Cheyne Go.


Cheyne Moore here proving there’s more than one way to get home from Indo