Summer is a-comin’…..

Summer is hesitant to embrace us this year, all showers and wind and dull skies and only some sunny warmth.  The surf hasn’t enthralled either!  Two weeks leading up to Easter and that was our lot, so far.  But it is around the corner, those halcyon days with lazy waves, good friends, good food and great times.

But in amongst the hurly burly of that sunny-summer-living there is the inevitable few, around here fortunately very few and isolated occasions of theft and annoyance.  And so security seems to be one of the issues being talked about more often by the crew in the shop recently.  More specifically, what to do with those electronic car keys when you’re surfing.  It is that time of year!  No more leaving them in the ignition when badly parked, nor on top of the tyre, not for the next few months.  The chances are that everything will be gone by the time you get back from that dream session!  And so, inevitably the talk turns to ‘what to do with the keys‘.

 I have had blanks cut. The cut blank will only open and lock the door, with no electronics to get damaged, so I can pop it in the leash pocket.  But that means leaving the main keys in the car, which may lead to insurance problems if it was nicked?  An old mate of mine wraps his in cling film, which has worked so far.  The rest of the guys are split between using those waterproof pouches (there are a few and they are all similar) or the ‘Key Safe‘ things that lock to your car with a combination code.  It seems that it’s vital to make sure that there are four digits on the combination lock and that the moving bits can’t rust.
And what about the boards?  Leave them on the car at your own risk during high Summer. Even here now.  I have a set of those lockable tie downs and they travel with me everywhere.  Stainless steel wire stops the knife attack, the beefy lock stops the casual grabber.  What happened to leaving your board on the beach?  Well, to be fair back then they were great heavy big old things that took some dragging about!  Not the ideal opportunistic opportunity that your average casual grabber would be tempted by I guess!
But the best solution?
Leave the car at home, get a bike board rack and cycle.  Ah but then, these days you would have to lock up the bike!
Let us know what you think at

The pre-Summer Clear Out Sale Continues!

  The Walden CD-4 is a variation of the original CD. The CD-4 is thinner, slightly narrower, with a more pulled in nose. It is a cross between a mini Longboard and a traditional Shortboard. The outline is a true Longboard/ Shortboard hybrid design with a mildly pointed nose which gradually widens down to a pulled in diamond tail. This is our most high performance Shortboard and designed for the surfer with Shortboard experience. This design will feel very comfortable to a Shortboarder yet it is more functional in more surf conditions than standard Shortboards.

All boards are glassed with a 2 x 4oz deck and 1 x 4oz bottom with a patch on the fin area. The boards have a gloss polished finish and they come standard with FCS Stretch Quad M Series Glassflex fins.

Dimensions: 6’2” x 21” x 2 3/8”  
WAS £409.00    NOW:  £309

The Flight of the Boards

How many is enough?

It’s that time of year when an awful lot of people with stand up surf riding boards are flitting hither and thither without a worry or care. Until the cost of flying those finely tuned surf craft is ratcheted up that is!
Check for the current state of play. And don’t forget to keep that foot under the bag!!

Paint It Up!

It’s that time of year when we should clean and decorate and smarten it all up!  So there we are on hands and knees, scraping and laminating and varnishing and filling and painting and dusting and cleaning.

Luckily it’s one of the smallest surf stores in the world!  But it’s still taking a long, long time. Let’s see if the pace picks up now the surf is junked again?

And against this wall, beneath Neil's artwork we shall arrange surfboards! The finest surfboards available! Dynamic surfboards from around this surfing globe! The finest and mostly handcrafted wave-riding planers that.... Well, you get the picture!

Fighting Fear Premiere, Leicester Square, London – Tonight! So we’re offering 25% OFF ‘Bra Boys’ the DVD!!!

Micah and Cheyne are whoopying it up in London Town for the UK premiere of ‘Fighting Fear’ tonight.

The film has been put together by Macario de Souza.  His first film project, ‘Ours’, focused on his lifestyle pursuit of surfing. That short film won two awards (Mambo Snap Off The Lip Surf Film Festival 2004 and 2004 Youth Week Film Festival).  Macario’s first feature-length film, ‘Bra Boys’, is the highest grossing documentary in Australian history (!?). The film was edited in a bedroom of his modest family unit near Maroubra Beach, the home of the Bra Boys, and managed to win multiple awards including Best Documentary (X-Dance Film Festival & Film Ink Awards).

So to commemorate such an event and it being close to Christmas and all that we thought it an idea to offer those who can’t make the premiere a massive 25% OFF the ‘Bra Boys’ film!  But we only have a couple left so get on it quick!