Board of the Week

A small taste of what boards we have in store and online here at Constantine Bay Surf Store. Every week a new board of choice will be put up for your viewing pleasure.



Sol Life


This weeks pick of the bunch that we have here at Constantine Bay Surf Stores is the 6’2 Walden Compact Disc. This is a truly amazing surfboard.

At first glance this looks like an average small wave disc, however on closer inspection you’ll see that Walden CD is completely insane. The most noticeable features are the bottom contours; a single running to double concave stopping just before the fins, alongside beautifully chimed rails giving the board a real concept feel and appearance.

The board comes with standard M5 FCS quad set up, although we think that for such a concept board, concept fins look O’ so good in the plugs. The CD has a 5 fin arrangement allowing for maximum versatility, to match whatever conditions might be thrown at you.

Come in and check this beauty out. Its in the Prime Showcase Rack for the week so come check it out.


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