So, we have been having some great fun this last couple of weeks with our weekend POP-UP SALES and we don’t want it to finish! But equally we cannot afford to keep giving suits out at the prices that we have been.
So imagine our delight when we unpacked another couple of boxes of winter wetsuits and decided that nobody is going to really want to buy them now until next year – unless we offer them out at fantastic discount prices!
So, with the winter half-term school holidays upon us, we have decide to have a SCHOOLS OUT – CLEAR OUT!!
And it’s O’Neill and Xcel’s turn to be offered at HALF – PRICE! We have Xcel Infiniti X2s at HALF-PRICE as well as a range of O’Neill winter wetsuits at HALF-PRICE!!
From Saturday 13th FEB to Sunday 21st FEB, 10.30 to 4pm daily. And all our other WINTER WETSUITS (Patagonia, Vissla, Xcel and O’Neill) will also be on SALE at a mighty 30% OFF with loads of other offers throughout the shop (30% OFF Patagonia clothing plus 20% OFF most other stuff!).
Once again this offer is only open to callers to the shop!
The whole point is to get everyone back into that surfy rapping kind of buzz feeling that the internet sometimes doesn’t quite get!! And with the surf looking promisingly pleasant this weekend, it could just be worth your while dropping in on us agin for another IMG_0326

Flash Sale!!


After last weekend’s massive success with our POP-UP SALE, we have decided to do it all again this weekend!
We still have a wide size range of Patagonia wetsuits available and so we are offering these at HALF-PRICE between 10.30 a.m. on Saturday until 4 p.m. on Sunday! Alongside these we have a rail of Xcel X2winter suits, again at HALF-PRICE!
Our other wetsuits will be up to 30% OFF!!
And our wide range of wonderful winter clothing (including all those Patagonia jackets and tops) will be 30 – 40% OFF!
This is all to personal callers to the shop only!
It might have been wet ’n windy this winter but it has been mild and so we have a lot of winter clothing and wetsuits to clear out before the arrival of all that summer stock! We were busy last weekend and guess that this weekend might be the same, so if you want to bag yourself a bargain then you had better get yourself down here on Saturday & Sunday between 10.30 & 4!

New Year – New Career?

IMG_0081Are you an aspirational Surf Store manager?
Are you looking for a great place to stretch to your full potential?
Would you be excited to deliver inspirational retail experiences while maintaining the very highest customer standards?

We are looking for a natural leader who is commercially savvy and has the sheer determination to succeed in a retail environment that is second to none.
Someone who is super organised and able to lead and drive our tightly knit store team in order to deliver the very best customer service, achieve strong sales results and provide overall retail excellence every single day.
We are looking for a talented organiser who feels relaxed in a busy environment, has a real understanding of our core store ethos, understands the needs of our demanding customers and has a passion to develop and succeed.

You will assist us in coaching, developing and supporting our seasonal shop team to help them to achieve their full potential, while nurturing a fun and exciting atmosphere.
You will take pride in continually providing the most consistent standards of customer service, visual standards, profitability and productivity of our store.

Chances are that Constantine Bay Surf Store is not like anywhere you have worked before; we are one of surfing’s most loved and trusted stores for a reason.
Our store team works tirelessly to offer expert advice to all our customers and with hundreds of products to choose from, our staff need to be expertly familiar and knowledgeable about all of those products that we offer for sale.
Don’t worry! We will provide you with industry leading training so that you are fully qualified to advise our wonderful customers on all of our quality products and encourage their seaward pursuits!

As a brand ambassador, you will continually promote Constantine Bay Surf Store and and its culture to our customers through your team. You’ll take pride assisting your team to continually deliver the highest and most consistent standards of customer service, visual standards, profitability and productivity of our store.
Taking responsibility for the performance of the store, you will make commercial decisions and spot business opportunity that drive results.
You will achieve all this while ensuring our customers remain at the heart of every decision you make, all part of a normal day in retail!

This truly is a great opportunity for a passionate retailer who doesn’t want to stand still, genuinely wants to make a difference and be part of the Constantine Bay Surf Store story.

What you’ll do:
• Treat our store as though that was your name above the door!
• Provide outstanding customer services, understanding customer needs and gaining loyalty.  Every customer.  Every time.
• Motivate, coach and develop our store team to achieve exceptional customer service and store standards on a daily basis
• Be an ambassador for the brand and the values it represents
• Smash our store performance targets!  Maximise sales not only through excellent service and advice but through link selling additional products to offer a complete solution to customer needs
• Looking after all our stock, you’ll plan and organise an efficient smooth store operation, driving profitability through all that you do.
• Be a committed team player taking accountability for you and your teams actions
• Ensure all merchandising and promotional material are consistently displayed and executed to the highest of standards
• Keep up to date with product knowledge, continuously learning and developing yourself and your team so you are truly able to advise all our customers effectively
• Have a positive mental attitude and encourage your team to be the best they can be, providing feedback and direction when required.
You’ll definitely:
• Know a thing or two about surfing and beach life.
• Have experience working in a customer service environment within retail / hospitality / leisure sectors
• Have a natural ability to lead and direct people with previous supervisory or management experience
• Have a passion for retail as well as an interest in all things surfy.
• Have a desire to learn and develop yourself as we have a lot of fabulous training opportunities
• Above everything else, you`ll live the Constantine Bay Surf Store’s values of Teamwork, Integrity, Accountability and Respect
• Be ready for some serious fun!

You might even:
• Know a thing or two about changing trends and fashions.
• Have a technical understanding of wetsuit design and how they should ‘fit’.
• Have some understanding of surfboard shapes and fin systems.
• Want to spread your wings and be the future of the growth of Constantine Bay Surf Stores and

What’s in it for you?:
• Chance to be part of the successful Constantine Bay Surf Store story
• A competitive salary, bonus & commission scheme
• 28 days holiday (including statutory holiday)
• Huge discounts in store across the brands
• Fantastic and unlimited development opportunities

Please ensure that you include a cover letter with your application detailing the hours you are available to work, your current salary and salary expectations.

Post:  Att.of: Des Moore, Constantine Bay Surf Store, Constantine Bay, Padstow, PL28 8JJ     Email:


SJ’s Surf Forecast for the South-West

Forecast last updated at 16:00 Thursday 12th March 2015

[Don’t forget to look at this forecast the day before you go beach for the latest, as things can often change!]

History of SJ’s Surf Forecast:

SJ’s Surf Forecast for the South-West started in February 1999 and ceased around September 2007. So for the first (and only?) time in seven and a half years the forecast has returned, and is an exclusive special for Des at

The Rest Of The Week:

‘Some big waves about this week, with surf improving into the weekend. Sea is still cold though, will need those winter wetsuits until at least late April.’

Sunrise and sunset for this week are about – 06:40 and 18:20

Twilight starts and ends about – 06:05 and 18:55

Midday is approx. – 12:30

Length of day approx. – 11:45

Offshore Sea Temp approx – 9.5 C / 49.0 F

Friday 13th (Red Nose Day):

‘Slop on the North; however the South coast will work if you know where to look.’

Swell direction approx – (i) Strong W

Wind direction approx – Light-Medium going Medium N-NW

Weather outlook – Mixture of cloud and sunshine, feeling cold in the wind

North Coast approx – Big blownout messy slop

South Coast approx – 3-4ft (Waisthigh to Chesthigh)

Tides – 09:28 High, 15:53 Low

Weekend Summary:

‘High pressure dominates bringing cooler nights and light winds, but with a solid Atlantic swell rolling in this will be an excellent weekend for surf.’

Saturday 14th:

‘Should improve as the day goes on for the North, although with the size it will be too big for some on the North especially as it increases in size late afternoon around the low tide. South coast depends on how well the swell wraps around, but could be a small but ridable waisthigh or so.’

Swell direction approx – (i) Medium going Very Strong W

Wind direction approx – Light-Medium NE

Weather outlook – Mixture of cloud and sunshine

North Coast approx – 6ft (Headhigh) going 8-10ft (1.5 x Overhead)

South Coast approx – 2-3ft (Waisthigh)

Tides – 10:36 High, 17:07 Low

Sunday 15th (Mothers’ Day):

‘Decreasing swell – but still big! Should be small and clean at the main spots on the south (best in the morning there).’

Swell direction approx – (i) Very Strong W

Wind direction approx – Light-Medium NE going Light ENE

Weather outlook – Cloudy with a chance of the odd light shower in the afternoon

North Coast approx – 8-10ft (1.5 x Overhead) going 6-8ft (Overhead)

South Coast approx – 3ft (Waisthigh) going 1-3ft (Knee – Waisthigh)

Tides – 06:06 Low, 12:08 High, 18:54 Low

Early Next Week:

‘Decreasing swell through to midweek, with the winds switching from an Easterly to Southerly direction. Should therefore be good clean waves so make the most of it. Size expected to start around chest-headhigh Monday and decrease to waisthigh by Wednesday. ‘

The scale for measuring conditions:

0-1ft – Unridable/Flat

1-2ft – Kneehigh

3ft – Waisthigh

4-5ft – Chest/Shoulderhigh

6ft – Headhigh

6-8ft = 1-1.5x Overhead

8-10ft = 1.5x Overhead

10-12ft = 2x Overhead

Please Note!

Wave height predictions are based on the larger breaks on both coasts such as Fistral and Croyde for the North, and Praa Sands and Bantham for the South.

Try and use some ‘local’ knowledge about what the wave sizes will be elsewhere. For example the Newquay Bay area is generally 1/3 to 3/4 the size of Fistral, increasing the further up the bay you go from Towan to Lusty Glaze, and that it will be clean on a W wind at ‘harbour left’ at Towan at mid-tide’ for example.

Tide times are based on Newquay.

Stay Stoked!


Thanks to for the following:

Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson has been under arrest in Frankfurt, Germany, and faces extradition to Costa Rica for an incident that occurred over a decade ago when he apprehended an illegal shark finning operation off the coast of Guatemala. While Captain Watson was “released” Monday from Frankfurt prison on 250,000 Euro bail on Monday, he remains under house arrest during which time the German courts will consider whatever documentation Costa Rica is able to produce in what appears to be a case motivated by political agenda.


Eleven-time World Surfing Champion and Sea Shepherd Advisory Board member, Kelly Slater, recently stepped up to the plate to rally international support for Captain Paul Watson in the surfing world. On Sunday he wrote:

“This situation cannot thrive if there is transparency. For example, connections and investments by the Chinese and Taiwanese with Costa Rican for infrastructure investments in Costa Rica, result in Costa Rica turning a blind eye to the shark finning industry and illegal fishing off the coast, all the while Costa Rica promotes ecotourism based upon the country’s biodiversity and natural beauty. If a light is shined on these connections, their ability to pull secret levers of power will evaporate.”

Image  Added Slater: “The situation that we find Captain Watson in, now shines a light on these dark corners. It is literally now a simple choice by government, to overturn and release Captain Watson given that the entire incident where he confronted the illegal poachers was caught on tape. The video establishes the facts, and this calls into question the motives of those continuing to pursue Captain Watson despite those facts. No person or vessel was injured during the melee and Watson was following instructions from Guatemalan government officials while protecting natural resources under the UN protocol. He’s already paid a fine and been released, but someone still has a bone to pick with him somewhere else in the world, and they are wrongly being helped behind closed doors by some murky government power.

Sea Shepherd’s Mission Statement

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately-balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.

Global Surf Industries, in conjunction with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, are proud to offer a limited production run of this very unique design of the world famous Super Fish. The board looks amazing, 20% of every sale goes to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to help protect the world’s oceans.


The Super Fish is one of the most popular boards in the GSI range and continues to win converts worldwide. The reason for the Super Fish’s success is that it blends high performance surfing with wave catching ability. The step deck design is the magic element. The step deck gives the board lots of volume under your chest for buoyancy and the low volume rails allow you to really dig deep when you turn, as if you were riding a performance short-board. It is the best of both worlds. Paddle power and performance.

We have a couple of 7S Sea Shepherd boards on sale at the moment, a 6’0” x 20 1/4′‘ x 2 5/8” and a 6’3” x 20 1/2”x 2 3/4′‘. Originally £525, in an effort to support the Sea Shepherd operation we are selling these at £455!