The pre-Summer Clear Out Sale Continues!

  The Walden CD-4 is a variation of the original CD. The CD-4 is thinner, slightly narrower, with a more pulled in nose. It is a cross between a mini Longboard and a traditional Shortboard. The outline is a true Longboard/ Shortboard hybrid design with a mildly pointed nose which gradually widens down to a pulled in diamond tail. This is our most high performance Shortboard and designed for the surfer with Shortboard experience. This design will feel very comfortable to a Shortboarder yet it is more functional in more surf conditions than standard Shortboards.

All boards are glassed with a 2 x 4oz deck and 1 x 4oz bottom with a patch on the fin area. The boards have a gloss polished finish and they come standard with FCS Stretch Quad M Series Glassflex fins.

Dimensions: 6’2” x 21” x 2 3/8”  
WAS £409.00    NOW:  £309

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