Derek Hynd, Constantine Bay, 1979/80

Derek Hynd travelled to Cornwall in 1979 or 1980 with an old friend Mike Newling and a bunch of what were then the ‘Newport Plus‘ crew from Sydney’s northern beaches to take part in one of the first professional surfing events at Fistral in Newquay.  The bunch included Richard Cram and a young Tom Carroll.  Also around were the ‘Free Ride’ crew of Shaun Thompson, Rabbit along with Cheyne Horan and pretty much everyone else who was anyone before they became who they went on to become.

They were no slouches back then either, although no one much had heard of any of them, or knew much about surfing for that matter!

And even way back then Derek just couldn’t help sliding around on those waves!  Backwards, forwards, sidewards, he just seemed to lay down different tracks to everyone else.

Good to see that he’s still keeping in step to his own rhythm.

4 thoughts on “Derek Hynd, Constantine Bay, 1979/80

  1. Just came across the main picture. I don’t know who this is out there or who “shot the shot” but I’m guessing perhaps Mike Dodd or Gibbo …?
    Having never seen it before, I must say that I’m really stoked.
    Please get in touch about how to get a copy or high res sent over …

    Thank you so much, made my day.
    Constantine/ boobies is one hell of a beach- great memories.


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