If it wasn’t enough us here at Constantine Bay Surf Store spotting Micah next to Ben Skinner, we have more Micah news.

Having overcome a possible career ending injury the summer just gone, Micah has already exceeded expectations in the Billabong International Surfing Association World Games.

Micah has now reached the 4th round, already disposing of Peruvian young gun Cristobal de Col.

So keep your eyes out for his next heat, and give him and the British team some support.

Micah Lester Spotted…. in Peru!

People lucky enough to have met Micah (Milks) Lester will know that he is a nice guy, a generous person, bodacious surfer and a down right smooth talker. With skills like this he ends up in places most people dream of.

Here we see Micah giving some much needed support to Ben Skinners warm up, although Ben now regrets super gluing his hands before his heat. He has never been so close to Micah.