Surfing Mafioso!

Having my love of american gangster movies rekindled after many weeks of TV putting on the great Hollywood blockbusters like; Goodfellas, The Godfather, Scarface, Casino… the list goes on. Had me thinking, “what would life be like if the surfing world was a little more New York American-Italiano?”

I would be brilliant!

Instead of pulling out a gun or copious amount of illegal substances Ray Liotta just pull a new leg rope out to impress his friends! And “meet my wittle fwiend!” that Al Pacino is so fond of is actually a 5’5 Lost… Round Nose Fish!

Life would be good.

Except the needless violence when you accidently drop in on fat Tony, “Eh, you drop in on me, you think that is funny? Eh, Joey grab a shovel we got some digging to do!”

Other than that it would be fun! I heart gangsters.


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