Board of the Week Vol. 3

Board of the week has taken a break for a couple weeks!! But now its back with more “umpf” than ever.

This week we are reviewing the Channel Island Surfboards MSF G2 Model.

6’2 * 19 3/4″ * 2 3/4″

“Inspired by Rob Machado in 2001, the single fin has proven to ride as smooth as it looks. Full outline make the MSF fun even in small waves. Comes with a polished gloss finish, a retro style resin tint and a fin designed by Rob.”

ref:, 2010

This unique piece of master craftsmanship comes equipped with a beautiful true ames 8″ single fin. The single fin in a board like this really smoothes out the ride. We recommend that this board should be used on really clean days, hollow waves and days where you want to cruise!

Aesthetically the board ticks all the boxes. The board we have in store comes with an amazing green resin tint and a white pin line on the deck.

Then there is the technical aspects of this board; the rails are hard in the tail and continue to stay hard to the nose. Unlike modern designs with boxy rails in the tail, this has lower rails, with fuller more forgiving rails in the mid section of the board. Ultimately these rail features give the board an “old school” vibe, complemented with bottom contours that modernize the board. This shred sled will have the speed of a modern Al Merrick with the cruise of the 1970’s!

If you’re interested in this board come in and pick it up, have a feel. This is a very special surfboard.

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