The Micah Exposé

Wavelength magazine, established in ’81, the most read surf magazine in the UK and self promoted “future of British surfing” released its 192nd issue in June. And to celebrate they gained an exclusive interview from Micah Lester.

We thought the interview was great, so great in fact we have deconstructed it into small readable sections that may be slightly out of context, here it is, well the best quotes:

Micah LesterThe Anglo-Aussie and the dark cloud that follows him”:

“I have been shafted so many times…”


“I ended up having to live in my van, which broke down in front of Constantine Surf Store… the store gave me a job for the summer… it destroyed everything… it was the worst year of my life.”

Giving "pulling my hair out" a new meaning!

Although Micah may have had a slightly raw deal at the hands of the British surf industry, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the guy sheds very, very hard. Now Micah is walking again after the bad ankle saga, we wish him the very best, and hope he starts to rip!

Micah styling in Iceland


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