Who is Jadson Andre?

Well folks the Billabong Pro Santa Claus Show finished in dramatic fashion yesterday. As there can only be one winner in events like this, the title of Brazils Best Surf Turkey went to… Drum roll please… this is intense…. JADSON ANDRE… who? Yes, it was Jadson who took first place at this years Brazil event, but who is Jadson Andre?

Is this Jadson Andre? If so why?

Congrats Jadson. Who ever the bloody hell you are! We Salute you!


Lounging at home!

David is the new director of creative design here at Constantine Bay Surf Store. Here we see the David getting “artistic” with his glorious weapons on a beautiful bedspread of choice. Rock on Davey, rock on!

Quiksilver Team Riders in Mystery Hat Scandal

Qquikky team surfers and up and coming celebrity Miliners, Toby Donachie and Rhys Barfield were recently confounded by Constantine Bay’s new fashion range of easy-to-wear headpieces.  Following a severe hour of quite strong sunshine without protection both futurist surf manoeuverists dived into the tiny surf store to secure protection from the relentless UV ray onslaught.

Sadly, it just may have been….. too late:

Baby, it's HOT outside!