You want retro?

There’s a lot of retro about, it’s a bit like deja vu again and again.

Big Tony Plant, he of  ‘Surftwisted‘ and new editor of’ ‘Pit Pilot‘ called over for a cup of Cha the other morning and nagged for some old snapshots.  So he got me digging around.  I don’t have that many.  Back in the day the cost of a camera verged on the cost of a board.  And then you had all that developing stuff to do too.  But in those early Welsh days Peter Bounds was around and Gary Russell.

Early Days

Sker Point, maybe 1971?

Don’t remember who took this but, strangely, I do remember the day and the wave.

There was a tight knit bunch of us hanging out back then

Summer 1972, Beaz, Tud, Dai Cornelius and John Taylor.  Shoulda had a band!

Almost forty years ago?  Could be yesterday!


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