‘The Kook’

Dan Crockett has been finger-tapping that key board and cutting and pasting and shuffling and has pieced together this surfing newspaper thing;

KooK is a surfing newspaper, published independently and printed in the UK on paper from sustainable forests.

KooK features Cyrus Sutton on handplanes, hulls with Ryan Lovelace, notes on flow by Mark Dickinson, John Isaac by Michael Fordham, Shayne House on tea… KooK includes illustration by Seamouse, Ryan Thomas, Simon Perini, Tom Haskett and many others… Photography by Friend of Mine, Ryan Tatar, Mike Black, Kassia Meador and more…

So, shuffle on over to thisrichtapestry.blogspot.com (or just hit the ‘Wilderings’ link on the right) to get more info and explore some pretty nice pics and surfy stuff.


It’s Still Cold but it’s still Firing!

It has been a cold one this Winter but how great has the surf been!  I just hope that it rolls into Spring and Summer too.

It’s all a bit windy this morning, still offshore but grey and damp and blustery and still finger-crampingly chilly.  And so it’s also very quiet in the lineups too.  I guess that is all about to change as the adventurers slowly start to return from far flung surf spots around the globe.

Meanwhile, it looks like we have another week of surf filled days ahead of us.  I took this one yesterday:

Another pleasant, offshore and peeling day at Constantine.  Still pretty chilly though!

'Offshore and peeling', the catchphrase for this winter.

Chris Bertish wins BIG at Mavs!!

Better known around these parts for his taking on of the Cribber while based in Newquay over the last few years, Chris Bertish paddled out into 40 foot waves at the Mavericks Comp and only went and won it!

This from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Chris Bertish rides his winning wave in the final heat of the Mavericks Surf Contest

The Super Bowl of Surfing lived up to its legend today, and then some. The waves were so big they caused collateral damage on the sidelines.

Long before South African Chris Bertish won the $50,000 first prize at the seventh Mavericks Surf Contest north of Half Moon Bay, a series of waves crashed into some of the thousands of fans who had flocked to a beach to try to see the action.

A lot of people watching!

Just after 9 a.m. near Pillar Point, 13 people were injured and at least 40 people were knocked off their feet, officials said. Many of them had been standing on a short concrete wall and were thrown back into rocks or mud by a surge of water.

Uh Oh, shoulda gone to Specsavers.........

Some of the waves at Mavericks appeared to be up to 40 feet high. They were clean and smooth – great for surfing – thanks to low wind in the area. Surfers said they were the biggest waves in the history of the contest.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/02/13/MNTA1C1AAA.DTL#ixzz0fUyLDzLU

Quiksilver’s cyphervision

We don’t even stock Quikky stuff – no reason other than maybe they are too big a supplier for our tiny little shop, so we’d end up probably being a nuisance account.  So we have absolutely no reason for frothing over this film other than its fantastic gorgeousness.

The Slo-Mo clips are amazing and worth a watch- maybe a few times. Check it all out on Surfline.com .  I wish I had the know-how to put it up here but you’ll have to follow that link.

What were you doing this weekend?

What a way to start the week!  The surf is pumping down the road, up the road over the other side and everywhere.  On the weekend a few of the guys trekked over to the other coast.  It was busy but it was firing.

Thanks to the boys at Wavelength (still the best UK mag?) for whizzing this one out.  Those boys must have been up all night!  And, as they say, turn it up to 11, sit back and rock: