Beautiful Boobys Bay

Pretty isn't it?

Boobys Bay in Spring. Just gorgeous.

Just every now and then you look around and think, ‘yep, it’s all pretty good’.

And it’s just about then that something often happens to stop you dead in your tracks.

I like to think that I’m pretty understanding, can see most things from most points of view, I don’t have strong feelings of hostility towards anyone or their beliefs or thinkings and believe that most people are quite happy just rubbing along taking care of their own with hopefully half an eye on the environment.

So, I’d just like to know how, how in any way of normal thinking, could anyone come up with the idea of digging a bloody great trench across common land, within an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’, a C.C.S. conservation site (okay, I don’t know that one either) on a heritage coastline that is RSPB interest registered, to pop a cement pipe in that will take all their overflow, rainwater, swimming pool overflow water, sewerage, toxins and general assorted crap…..and then! And then!  Pour it all into a previously pristine Boobs Bay!  Surely that is just super bonkers!  And you just know that this one is coming at you;  they’ll be whingeing and whining that nobody likes them and that the local oiks can’t see opportunity when the application is torn into shreds and mightily binned.

I mean, it’s not like we’re back in the ‘Concrete and Cream Teas’, C4 planning expose days are we?

Ah well, there’s a Facebook campaign already up and running (, and there’s a Parish Council meeting 7pm on Thursday.


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