’tis a wee bit breezy out there!


It's been a bit of a breezy old month......

As the ASP World Championship Tour gets down to the wire with the start of the Triple Crown series in Hawaii, a few lucky rippers from here are packing their boards and sunscreen and are heading out.  Toby D, fresh from his second placing in the UK Pro Surf Tour North Tyneside event is heading off to the seven mile miracle, this year being accompanied by step-dad Adrian from Fluid Juice Surfboards and Nathan (Bennetts).  Adj is likely to be shaping with some of the heavyweights when out there while Tobes and Nathan are likely to find the odd barrel or two to hurl themselves into.  Meanwhile fresh from their cruise around the tawdry surfspots of the Basque region, Cheyne & Sarah and Dom & Ash have fled for the heavenly wavefields of Indonesia.  Along with just a few others.


And the rest of us?  Well, we’ve all been enjoying an excess of swells throughout Autumn.  October rocked with classic days at classic spots.  Russell (Winter) and Oli (Adams) rocked up with their jet ski and showed us the benefits of being whipped in at speed to a crashing, bowling peak, while the groms continue to hyperactively slaughter any swell that dares to crash onto these shores, all the time under the watchful and experienced eye of British Junior Team Coach Micah Lester.

Micah has also been busy establishing his Evolution Surf Development business, an advanced coaching and training service aimed at developing youngsters’ talents.  It’s no great surprise then that Micah was awarded the UK Pro Surf Award for ‘Most Inspirational Surfer’, as sponsored by A1Surf.com. And all that on top of winning the Relentless Aerial Assault contest down at this Summer’s  Boardmasters FestivalNess ‘n Neil toured the North and the West and the East and then came South again, while Hilly took his taxi to the North East and scored triple overhead perfection alongside Euge and a host of others who made the long haul Newcastle bound.


And so the run up to Christmas is upon us.  Not long now!


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