Inner Ears, Swedish Nurses, CT Scans and a McDonalds

When you wake up in the morning the last place you think you’ll end up at the end of the day  is inside the CT scanner in hospital. However, its all in a days work youngest member of the team Ben “Benny Boy” Bennett. 

After being sucked over the falls Benny managed to smash his head so hard on his board his inner ear decided to bleed. Ben had literally knocked himself for six, he couldn’t see straight or stand up! On the way up to the house, Ben complained of sickness, dizziness and by a streak of luck a Swedish Nurse having a day at the beach examined young Ben. 

Poor Old Ben

Although having a Swedish nurse might be top trumps for some, Ben wasn’t happy, he wanted more.  So of to hospital he trotted. When he arrived he completely baffled the top Cornish doctors, due to the fairly constant stream of gunk leaking from the inner ear. Initially they thought that he had cracked his swede and cerebral fluid was draining from the ear, so into the CT scanner he went! 

(10 hrs later)

Its one o’clock in the morning and and after a lot of hmmmmming and arrrrrrring by medicines best Ben was allowed to leave. Not with a serious brain crack or any cerebral damage, a busted up ear drum so severe that its a new type of damaged ear drum for the doctors! 

Inside Ben's Ear

However, the more pressing issue for Benny Boy was the lack of food during the long day, having not eaten since lunch. So with a burst ear drum Ben managed to fit 2 Hamburgers, 1 Big Mac, 1 Large Fries and a Coke inside his tum.

The moral of this little story… don’t go surfing. Its dangerous and bad, and you could end up going for CT scans.

Dom @ Constantine Bay Surf Stores


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