The Des and Dom Show!!!

Not many know that Des and I are rhythmic gymnasts. Here we are last year….


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Dom @ Constantine Bay Surf Stores

WOW… thats english for stop a horse!

Yes, another bank holiday weekend has been and gone. In the shop we saw the return of t’ Nat, and was great to see young Ben working harder than ever. Des was on form making the most of the sunny weather, and I couldn’t believe the surf! It has been really really really good, and not too many out, but loads on the beach!

But as ever nothing lasts for ever, and the surf has kind of gone funky and most of the weekenders have departed. But its all good!

I think it could be a good summer, fingers crossed… if this weekend is anything to go by!

Peace out

Dom @ Constantine Bay Surf Stores

Bobby M Wins at Teahupoo

Bobby Martinez beat Taj “Burrito” Burrow in a thrilling final to the Tahiti event. It wasn’t by any means “classic” Teahupoo, despite this the WCT boys shredded the 3 – 4 ft range. Taj was on hot form, but couldn’t beat Bobby who had tough heat draws leading up to the final.

The Californian kid Bobby Martinez weaving

The Californian kid Bobby Martinez weaving

Outstanding performance of the competition had to go to the little Basque man Artiz Aranburu, who made it all the way to the Semis after beating Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater and Tommy Whitaker. And a man back on for is the not so young Mick Campbell. Mick Smashed and fought his way through the best of the WCT in the worlds best waves.

Well it was a great competition, nice to see a few dark horses make a few rounds. Even better to see my fantasy surf team take the lead of the club house!

Peace Out…

Dom @ Constantine Bay Surf Stores

Surf words “bro”…

In surfing there are many strange and peculiar often fascinating trends that occur; SUP boarding and shinny VW vans being a couple. However one trend that is as strong now as ever is surf words dude. Yes, words that have no meaning or relevance to the “outside world” yet mean so much to the surfing community.
Words like dude, rad, sick, gnarly and many more. Despite the stereotyping that is achieved using these words, we the “rad” surfing community will carry on the “mega” tradition of using odd words in even weirder parts of “gnarly” sentences.



Hooray for surf words!

Kelly Out… Parko Follows!

The latest shocking news from the world most perfect wave, 9x world champ Kelly Slater went down in the second round to young Basque countryman Aritz Aranburu. And this years tour points leader Joel Parkinson went out in the third round to the muscle bound hero Taylor Knox! Shock horror!! To be honest the conditions looked less than favorable, with no massive tubes to be had in the 4 – 5 foot range.

Chasing two massive scores kelly threw himself at all Teahupoo could offer. In any normal event it would have been a 10.

Chasing two massive scores kelly threw himself at all Teahupoo could offer. In any normal event it would have been a 10.

However the goofy footers are leading the charge, both CJ and Damo, Bobby Martinez and Mick Campbell are all still in contention.
Hopefully the surf will get better for the rest of the competition… now kelly is out I’m backing Tommy Whitaker all the way. GO TOMMY.

Peace and Harmonicas

Dom @ Constantine Bay Surf Store

Constantine Bay Surf School Score

After having spent the winter on the Gold Coast Constantine Bay Surf School instructors Cheyne “sunshine” Moore and Sarah “Hendo” Henderson hit Indo with force. Here is some of the footage that “sunshine” Moore managed to film on a larger day.

Now back in the good old U.K. Cheyne and Hendo are giving us a glimpse of what paradise they experinced. Cheers for the footage, just one thing… next time could you possibly sit on the tower thats just a bit closer and not in the way?

Mung Beans and Peanuts

Dom @ Constantine Bay Surf Stores